Intuitive Healing Training

Intuitive Healer Training

Be the healer you know you can be

Are you a healer and highly intuitive? Do you want to learn how to develop your intuition? Do you know that you have been put on this earth to help people? Intuitive Healing Training is taking enrolments NOW because it’s time.  

2019 – It’s your year.  

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Hello Beautiful Soul

This year I am offering something that has been begging my soul to come out for a long time. TEACHING YOU TO HEAL OTHERS.  

It’s like teacher training for healers where you will develop your intuition and open up on a deep level to reveal your soul’s path and realise the truly unique reason you are here on this amazing planet.  

Like me, you may have already studied various modalities (my learning journey has been extensive - over my 20 years of being a healer). This Intuitive Healing Course is a combination of over 10 different healing modalities from science to energetics and everything in between. You learn the skills of how to initiate and channel healing.

The wisdom and core foundations of healing have been put together to create a space where you will learn all you need to know in one place. You will learn teachings that have been handed down from world leading practitioners in this field, along with my own 20 years of expertise.  

This has been a long time coming for me and I know your journey is probably similar to mine.  

Years ago now, I met an amazing healer who helped bring everything together and I was so happy that I finally came home to the women I was born to be! It was such a joy, up until then I had spent my whole life not wanting to OWN my magic then one perfect blissful day I turned around and embraced it; that was the day my whole life changed!  

Looking at my life since that experience with my own training and amazing teacher, I have worked with thousands of men and women, through events, retreats and workshops. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel throughout Australia and now throughout the world. And now it’s time to pass it all on to you.  

Intuitive Healer Training

Starts 3rd April 2019

What You Will Receive 

  • 2x 5 Day Training:
  • Modules 1 & 2
  • Modules 3 & 4  
  • 8-day in person Intuitive Submersion Training in Bali: Module 5  
  • Private Facebook support group  
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ritual Video  

What will the Intuitive Healing Training give me? The Intuitive Healing Training will give you all the tools to work with the energetic magic of the universe.  

Maybe you are already on the path yet there are things happening on a spiritual level that you don’t fully understand? It’s okay. I can help with that.  

Imagine a space where like minded souls speak your language and together we take a powerful journey learning the skills of many healing arts!  

Get ready… You will learn to command the space of the unseen. To walk a path that helps heal people’s souls. It’s what you know your higher purpose is. 

This is an amazing opportunity to experience your unique divine feminine gifts of your own soul.


You knew all the skills required to work with energy, exactly the way you were born to? It is just so easy to harness the place where you access your magic.

What if I could make it a REALITY?  

Guess what??? During the training you will learn the skills to do just that, while also discovering your highly intuitive self on an amazing and mind-blowing new level.  

You have the magic wand, you are the elixir that will open the door for people to receive their own healing, their own medicine, and you simply came to dance with them on their dance floor!  

Healing is kinda like that…it’s alchemy, it’s transformation, it’s what you were born to do.  

“Healer heal thyself” is the metaphor we walk when we are chosen to serve the world.  

Module Outline 

Each module has over 7 subjects and this course runs over an incredible 12 month period.  

:: Module 1 & 2 Creating Sacred Space & Cultivating Your Path 5 Day Intensive Training – Geraldton, Western Australia  

Explore sacred space and different planes of existence, the sacred law of protection, while working with higher guidance, connecting to nature and smudging ceremony techniques. During this module you will learn the art of manifestation, learning how to develop your inner wisdom and intuition. In this module we will take a journey to experience a deep remembering of your innate gifts.  

:: Module 3 & 4 Chakra & Energetic Healing 5 Day Intensive Training – Geraldton, Western Australia  

In Module 3 and 4 you will learn how to map the chakras while discovering the tools of body awareness, drumming, the frequencies of energy fields and healing vortexes. Here you will also learn hands on cellular healing principles and techniques. for distant healing, ancestral healing, breathing techniques, soul language and energy gateways. During this module you will learn ethics, the set up of workshops and sacred business.

:: Module 5 Art of Listening & Working with earth based teachings 8x Day Intensive – Bali Retreat  

During Module 5 you will learn through powerful ceremonial and healing experiences. This retreat will be delivered through an experiential journey of daily meditation, yoga and rituals to align with the highest version of you. This will be an unfolding of a lifetime woven with the foundations of sensory, energy, and developing rituals for intuitive living. The Bali Intuitive Living Retreat is a magical initiation into the feminine and developing your intuition. During the retreat you will learn the wisdom and core foundations of healing. Delivered from world leading practitioners through sound healing, ceremonies and sacred circle. You will also learn how to remember your unique gift and channel healing.

Who is this for?  

Anyone who is: + A Highly Intuitive Woman + Wants to serve others + Interested in Learning Healing modalities + Wants to impact the lives of others + Wants to Heal Yourself + Wants to open up to High Levels of Abundance + Wants to kick arse learning Manifesting + Who wants Deep Growth + Who wants to understand Energy healing + Who wants to access your infinite potential + Who wants to understand body Alchemy + Who wants to lead people or groups through healing experiences + Who wants to develop your unique gifts + Who wants to open up to your soul’s purpose  

“The journey I have experienced has been one I never thought I would find, it's like something I always thought was too good to be true. It is only the beginning of this journey but I do not think it would've had such a strong foundation without doing one of your beautiful programs. The guidance support and love from Katie is nothing less than amazing. I have been able to safely journey into places of myself that I have been at war with for majority of my life and even though there were times during the program that I felt fear, it has helped me to heal in so many ways.  

Thank you for this support network of women and the safe environment, which you have gifted and provided for me. The program has given me new ways to cope in life. I have received the faith that what is meant to find me will and am restored that there are other people on this journey with me. For the first time in a long time I finally feel as though I am not alone and I have newfound skills on how to relax. I have found a new enthusiasm to further my future and my studies and my life. I have more interest to further my knowledge in meditation.

Thank you so much for this gift it has helped me to heal in so many ways." ~Sinead McGriffin, WA 

"Katie is an amazing deeply intuitive woman. Her knowledge and experience is priceless. As a participant I can feel how deeply Katie has journeyed into herself and how broadly she has researched her field. I highly recommend men and women to share in her wisdom. " ~Helen Sharp - Psychologist, WA

"This program was magical. What a beautiful way to feel connected, find Gratitude and get total clarity. You are a Wonderful teacher and I admire your intuition and ability to read energy and hold space. I felt so safe and respected. You should be extremely proud of this program. Thank-you.

"My experience during Katie’s Meditate course has been profound. It was so much more than I signed up for. I was wanting tools for my toolbox yet I came away with visualizations, breakthroughs, and experiences that will stay with me for forever. Watching women healing was an incredibly moving experience. It was everything I didn’t know I needed and I’m looking forward to the path that lies ahead. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Love, light, and all things bright. " ~Renyae Stokes, WA

"Katie has begun to teach me meditation and for someone like me who struggled with mindfulness, she has guided me through my own process to find peace with myself and meditation, which has enabled me to be much more calmer and to clearly connect with the next step especially in business. Katie’s gift lies in her innate ability to hold space. She also brought journey work, movement, meditation and ceremony to one of my business retreats this year which balanced out the focused, structural and business edge of the retreat. It has been a joy working with her, and as a purpose coach I have found that her work helps people to connect more clearly with their purpose and find clarity on ways to move forward. " ~Fleur Porter, WA

This year long training consists of energetic, and earth based principles to channel vibrational, cellular and psychological healing. It is not going to be for everyone. This training is only for those who are are committed to being on the healing path and need to be living in your true alignment. If you are already a healing practitioner or therapist, you should still consider this course. The Intuitive Healing training is here to help you learn the foundational principles of healing, which will support your existing business with holistic healing tools or to create and define your path. This course supports highly intuitive souls to bring your gifts to the world, so that you may serve people who need your gifts.  

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Who is Katie O'Malley?  

Katie O’Malley is a holistic Therapist and proud mother of four beautiful daughters. Having studied over 10 different modalities and 20 years experience in the industry she has helped thousands of women and is now working with men. Her programs are designed to deliver a powerful combination of clinical, therapeutic and energetic practices. Katie supports individuals during they're awakening or major life transitions offering education programs to the true path of where you want to be in your own life! Get started today & learn how listen to your soul's voice.